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Regular maintenance is essential to improving your car’s reliability and it can also help to reduce the need for major repairs in the future. Car troubles can be daunting, that’s why you leave fixing it to the professionals. Our specialists carry out anything from a simple Tyre change to a full engine rebuild. If your having car problems or are desperate need of a repairer, call us and we’ll take a look at your vehicle and get an estimate for you.


















  • General Servicing to manufacture specification.

  • Good Gararge Scheme Member

  • Repairs to all aspects of motor car.(mechanical & Electrical)

  • MOT testing (off site) arranged with services.

  • Batteries supplied and fitted.

  • Brake repairs

  • Exhaust replacement

  • Tyre replacement.

  • Auto Electric repairs.

  • MOT failure work done.

  • Recovery within local area.

  • Warranty & insurance work welcome.

  • All work covered by national guarantee.



The team at West End Lane Motors also carry out servicing on vehicles to help maximise the lifespan and value of your car.


Our specialists are trained to service any make and model of car using the latest equipment. We offer servicing to manufactors specifications or our own standard or major service, or a holiday or winter car health check. 





Repairs include cambelt replacement, water pumps, investigation of oil and water leaks, corroded sumps replacement, diagnosing engine noise, diagnosing misfiring and starting problems, overheating.


Brake repairs include replacement and fitting of brake pads, brake fluid changed, brake discs supplied and fitted, hydraulics (pipes, master cylinder, wheel cylinders, calipers, etc), brake shoes supplied and fitted, rear brake drum supplied and fitted.


Investigation of eletrical faults and rectification.  



West End Lane Motors will inspect the tyres and  will advise on condition and lifespan. If you are under the legal limit of 1.6mm of tread you could incur a hefty fine and penalty points on your licence, as well as endangering those around you by driving on illegal tyres.


If you would like us to check your exhaust and provide an accurate diagnosis, please pop into West End Lane Motors and we will be happy to take a quick look and advise on any repairs that are necessary.




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